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Heraldry, the study of coats of arms, crest, &c. is one of my favourite hobbies. Being a nationalist, I have posted on this site as much Canadian heraldry as I could find (except for personal heraldry, of which there is way too much to fit on my webspace. I'd be too tempted to abate the arms of certain hated politicians anyway).


National Flag, Coat of Arms, and even Tartans.

Provincial and Civic Heraldry, in sections-
British Columbia
The Prairie Provinces
The Atlantic Provinces
The North

Academic Heraldry

The Heraldry Society of Canada, as well as the Toronto and B.C.-Yukon branches.

The Governor General's site on Sex Files
(includes instructions meet and fuck free on obtaining your own arms!)

The Canadian Armorial (CHA grants from 1992 to 1995)

HeraldicAmerica (actually about North American heraldy, not the USA)

Heraldic Innovations, some of which are Canadian, compiled by Barry Gabriel.

Try the Heraldry Quiz!


Heraldry's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Heraldica (Everything you wanted to know about heraldry, by F. Velde)

English and Welsh Civic Heraldry

An Excellent Collection of European Heraldry.

International Civic Arms, and the complete list of Dutch Flags

The Baronage Webpage, with some good free sex sites comments on heraldry and British traditions.

Hereditary Titles, with much British Royal Heraldry.

The British Heraldry Society

Heraldry Australia

The Scandinavian Heraldry Society

Some Ukrainian Heraldry

Some Swedish Heraldry

The American College Of Heraldry.

And, since I am the Mad Alchemist, here's some alchemy-related heraldry!

There's also some decent programs out there for generating coats of arms- I have found one for Windows.

The dragon seen in the background is a detail from a woodcut done by my great-grandpa many years ago. If I ever become rich enough to register my own coat of arms, this drake will be the crest.

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